‘Invisible’ disabilities: Car park confrontation prompts call for greater recognition

We are reposting this ABC article on our website because we want to celebrate journalists who report on exactly the issues we are concerned about. Thanks to these stories being told, this conversation is making waves not only across the coast but beyond.

Original text shared from ABC Riverland here.

One thought on “‘Invisible’ disabilities: Car park confrontation prompts call for greater recognition

  1. Just recently I was abused outside a Post Office for parking in the disability area – not only did I do that, no how dare I was driving a Mercedes! The guy was a lot bigger than me and I was pushed against my car, people around were just watching this. I opened the passenger door and took out the permit – ha! he said, people like you are just buying these things, it is all garbage (words NOT used by the man if you get my drift) I closed the door and managed to walk away with no one helping. Or parking out side Dan Murphy and getting alcohol and returning to my car also gets a few comments – one guy saying I am not so incapable I can’t get wine – excuse me. I followed him to his 4WD – he was twice my size, and I said to him – what did you say and he repeated it so I turned around and showed him my scar from my broken neck and back and said see this mate, that’s why I park there. He just mumbled and walked away – I was a but angry at that point and blew up after getting so many people looking and making comments. Typing this makes me still angry…..best I have a red wine now

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